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The pack (3 sizes)

For you to make the most of our Apillotes, we sell them in packs of 3 different sizes:

S (approx.15cm x 15cm (6"x6")), M (approx.25cm x 25cm (10"x10")) and L (approx 35cm x 35cm (14"x14").


We do not sell the Apillotes individually, as we believe that to understand the use of them you need at least three sizes to work with. Also the carbon footprint to send one Apillote® would go against our ecological values.


Here are some examples of how to use your Apillote®:

Size S : used for covering a glass, wrapping half avocado/lemon/onion/garlic/apple...

Size M : used for covering and sealing bowls and jars, wrapping cheese, fresh herbes, fruit and vegetables, rising dough, wrapping baked goods, sandwiches, snacks...

Size L : used for covering and sealing a salad bowl, wrapping bread, fruit and veggies, salads...

Caring for your Apillote

After use, rinse in cold water with soft detergent of needed, do not wring, leave it to dry then fold and store or reuse!

Your Apillote® will last about a year with proper care.


Do not use your Apillote® to wrap hot food, avoid contact with hot surfaces or water over 60°C or 140°F .

Do not put your Apillote® in a microwave oven or in an oven.

Apillote® is not recommended for use with raw meat.



When you first open your package of Apillote®, you may notice a light scent of beeswax.

Don't worry ! The scent will vanish after you've used and washed your wrap a few times.

Important : the scent does not transfer to the food.

Using Apillote® for the first time, you might find it a little stiff : no worries, the fabric will soften after being used and washed.


When your Apillote® is no longer effective, cut it in strips and use it as a natural fire starter !

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