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Apillote®: a Breton story

When I moved to the Morbihan region in Brittany with my husband and Eliott, our 3-year old son, we were taken aback by the beauty of the place and couldn't stop exploring the many coastal paths of the Gulf from our little village of Bono.

Exploring meant endless hikes and heavy backpacks full of delicious snacks and sandwiches ready to be shared during much deserved picnics.

And once again, the recurring thought coming to my brain: how to wrap our food while being in the outdoor and respect our zero-waste ecological values?  


In another life, I was a beekeeper in the Touraine region, tending and talking to my generous bees and being grateful for the yellow golds they kindly shared with me: not only their delicious honey but also the magical beeswax in my hives. I was then already imagining the possible uses of this amazing natural ingredient used by bees to build honeycom cells. And one day I heard about bees' wrap used as an ecological alternative kitchen wrap in Australia. Without a second thought, I started working on an ideal combination of 3 natural ingredients including bee wax, and through endless trials, patience, and persistance, I found the perfect balance to elaborate my own ecological wraps to preserve and carry along our picnics.  

Creating a variety of sizes of this ecological and sustainable food packaging allowed me to adapt them to daily uses: keep fresh bread longer, protect and store cut fruits and vegetables in the fridge, wrap Eliott's snacks, the remains of our meals, sandwiches .. .

My family's enthusiastic welcome, that of my friends, my friends' friends, and a virtual gust triggered by my social networks led me to start a local production, before deciding to create my own brand Apillote® .

(In French, Papillote is a paper wrapper , Apillote® refers to prefix Api, i.e. Bees – and suffix llote, i.e. wrapper)


Each Apillote® is handmade in my workshop in Brittany. I use organic cotton, French beeswax from Touraine, pine resin and organic jojoba oil. Fabrics are slathered, cut and packaged in packs of 3 different sizes.


Beeswax is a natural antibacterial ingredient, just as pine resin which also holds antiseptic properties. Jojoba oil has antifungal and softening properties. Combined together, the best natural way to keep your food fresh and healthy !

Apillote® wraps last for up to a year with proper care and regular usage.

When they become less adherent, you can recycle them by adding the wraps to your compost pile or use them as natural and effective fire starters : just cut them into strips, twist them and light them up or keep them in a dry place for your winterfires !

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